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Although I currently reside in Orlando, FL, my improv career spans from coast-to-coast, sea to shining sea, and two decades. I first became aware of Improv as something that people do in high school back when “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” was still hosted by Drew Carey. I continued to train and hone my craft at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (where I graduated with a BA in Theatre) and the California Institute of the Arts (MFA in Performance). I have studied longform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade theaters in both Los Angeles and New York City, and have taught and performed in both cities extensively. Since moving to Florida I have found a permanent home at SAK Comedy Lab, and can be found teaching Conservatory classes and performing there most weekends as part of the Ensemble cast. I have recently begun to explore ways to make comedy more accessible to everyone via online interactions, and I love trying to answer the unanswerable question, “What makes something funny?”

Improv, comedy, and acting are my passions; I am excited to share them with you.

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Classes Offered:
  • Comedy & Performative Analysis – Open to All


    In this course, we will walk together through established examples of what’s considered funny and break them down intellectually. Students will learn what’s known as “the 6 Essential Elements of Comedy,” and put this new knowledge to practical use as they apply it to scenes and sketches in real time. Examples will be pulled from Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele, Netflix, and anywhere else comedy lives. All levels of experience are welcome; the only requirement is an open mind and a desire to learn. (Sense of humor optional).

  • Sketch Writing 101 – Open to All


    Have you ever watched something funny on TV late on a Saturday Night and thought to yourself, “I wish I could write something like that”? Well think no more! Sketch 101 will give you all the tools you need on your journey to becoming a comedic writer. You will learn what the 5 Elements of Story are, the meaning of “C.R.O.W”, as well as tips and tricks to help you get a leg up on your sketch-writing dream. All experience levels are welcome; just bring your creativity and a pen for when inspiration strikes.

  • Sketch Writing 201 Aspiring Actor


    Prerequisite: Sketch Writing 101

    In this class you will take what you’ve learned in Sketch Writing 101 and put it to practical use by doing a table read of your own short comedic scene. Peer-to-peer response will be encouraged as you are helped in real-time bring your idea to fruition in the funniest way possible. Listen as your fellow classmates read your words out loud for the first time! Feel the rush as they laugh at your jokes! Marvel at how something you just wrote could be so brilliant! It’s all possible and all waiting for you here. There’s nothing sketchy about it.

  • Discovering “Yes and …” Aspiring Actor


    You know what improvisation looks like. You probably even know some of the lingo. But do you know what it actually is? Are you too afraid to try it because you think you’re not funny enough? Well here’s your first lesson, free of charge: It’s never been about being funny!

    In this class you will explore the basic tenets of improv and play together with your classmates in an open, supportive, and non-judgmental environment as you learn to listen more and worry less. Whether you’re new to improv, or you have experience and just want to revisit the basics, this class is the perfect opportunity to have fun and forget about the world for awhile; and that’s something we can all say “Yes, and” to.

Personal Coaching Specialties:
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Improv