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Brief info

Gemma Kent is a proud graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and their prestigious Academy Company in NYC, and she is equally proud to now be based out of Orlando. Gemma is a frequent Guest Host for the national television network, HSN, where she is the spokesperson for the innovative brand, Dyson. Her attention to detail took her behind the scenes at Universal Studios Orlando to help bring Halloween Horror Nights to life by directing hundreds of scare-actors for intellectual properties such as Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Blumhouse Productions and more. Gemma performs daily in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando and can be spotted at Walt Disney World performing in the new Galaxy’s Edge. Past theatre credits include Brutus in Julius Caesar; Rosalind in As You Like It; Almost, Maine; The Boxer; and Aladdin.

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Classes Offered:
  • The Art of Hosting – Open to All


    Hosting as an art? Absolutely. This limited-time-only class provides an overview of content from future individual courses—a great way to sample the world of HOSTING! Topics discussed include: Becoming the Brand, Socializing with a Purpose, Hosting is Storytelling, Preparing for the Unpreparable, and Finding Your Voice. An included Q&A gives the opportunity to test your very own hosting skills in real-time!

    Gemma hosts on national television in the USA, as well as for live high-profile events, and recently travelled to Canada to appear on TSC (The Shopping Channel). She is passionate about inspiring future Hosts and cannot wait to meet you—Join the conversation!

  • Truthful Storytelling – Aspiring Actor, Working Actor, Teen


    Actors—it is not about you. Once you realize your sole purpose is to convey an intended message, a hidden confidence emerges. This class shifts your focus onto the most important element in the room—the STORY. Whether you are at a commercial audition, hosting, performing in a play, or starring in a movie, you need to be a professional storyteller. This class packs your metaphorical actors tool kit with skills needed to help you become the BEST storyteller YOU can be.

    In this class you will learn the importance of Energy, Clarity, Objectives, Choices, Listening, and being TRUTHFUL. Each of you will leave with a deeper understanding of these skills by welcoming you into the world of TRUTHFUL STORYTELLING.

  • Truthful Storytelling In Action Aspiring Actor, Working Actor, Teen


    Record (and submit) yourself performing a 60 second monologue and be amazed at how slight adjustments transform your monologue into a slice of life—a glimpse into the world of the character, not just a vocalized script. People are drawn to authenticity. We will implement skills taught in Truthful Storytelling by getting you out of your own way allowing for honest connections to the piece and your audience (even if your audience is a casting director). Simply by being YOU! You demonstrated a unique talent, and now we simply focus that talent to become a vessel for characters. Who are you going to become for sixty seconds? I can’t wait to see! Previous enrollment in TRUTHFUL STORYTELLING is not required but may be suggested.

Personal Coaching Specialties:
  • British Dialect
  • Neutralizing Accents
  • Monologues