Voice Over/Vocal Work

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Stepping Into the World of Voice Over

2 hrs 30 min


Get insight into the day and the life of a working voice actor! Learn about the different types of voice over projects, how to find voice over representation, what to expect when auditioning and so much more! This class is interactive with heavy emphasis on Q&A.

Stepping Into Animation Voice Over

2 hrs 30 min


Students will come to workshop 3 different characters from 3 different sides as they are introduced on how to approach voice over animation copy. They will be given direction along with some valuable tips that will help elevate their performances.

Animation Voice Over Drills

2 hrs 30 min


Students will come to workshop 5 different characters from 5 different sides, as they are taken through a rush call simulation where they will have to prepare multiple characters to audition for back to back. Students will come to class NOT having practiced the sides in advance in order to simulate the real life scenario of receiving scripts at the last minute.

Finding Your Voice: Confidence and Technique for the Actors who want to Sing

2 hrs 30 min


“But I’m an actor.. I don’t sing!”

We can help you navigate that scary space. This class teaches you to get out of your head and into your best voice. You will learn how to interpret a song and deliver it effectively, through a combination of vocal and acting techniques.